Mueller Lake

East Austin has an eclectic mix of culture and a diversity of people that represents a unique form of urban living. Redevelopment of the area continues to thrive, bringing in new residential & commercial construction and renovation, as well as city park revitalization and various city sponsored projects. The Mueller Airport redevelopment is a prime example of this. With the construction of the 130 toll road, all signs point to the psychological eastern boundary of East Austin moving from 183 to this new highway. This expansion should produce rapid development further east transforming 183 into a main artery of downtown Austin alongside I35 and Mopac.

East 6th Biz District

Just as the culture is diverse in East Austin, so is the real estate! Residential housing on the eastside can range from new modern architecture homes, to small fixer-upper cottages, to a ranch style house with a huge lot, to a trendy East Austin condo, to a distressed house ready to fall over...sometimes on the same street!

There is pretty much something for everybody, it's just about knowing what's out there, and where to look. That's why working with a Realtor that specializes in East Austin real estate is so important. Working with a knowledgeable agent is a free service for buyers and can be invaluable in finding what you want in a widely diverse market such as East Austin!

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