A big boost to East Austin is the plan by the city to turn the Holly power plant into a park area for everyone to enjoy.  This plan is already bumping up the values to properties in the Holly neighborhood in anticipation.  Here are some more details:

The city’s decommissioning of the Holly Power Plant is in the post demolition phase now with soil samples being taken as of November, 2014.  11 acres of the land that is left remains as Austin Energy property.  This area is needed by Austin Energy to continue to supply power to the downtown area and other parts of the city as a substation.  A few structures will remain on the power plant site and will continue to transport energy but will no longer generate it.

Current plans call for approximately 9.3 acres of land surrounding the remaining Austin Energy property to be turned over to the City’s Parks and Recreation Department for development into a park.  Some of the amenities in the master plan include improved hike & bike trails with additional pedestrian bridges, a food forest & community garden, and new ball fields. The Statesman reports that the city has around $2 million currently for the project, with $80-$100 million needed for park completion within a couple decades.  The remainder of the funds would need to come from bonds or fundraising.

Exciting stuff for the Holly neighborhood & the eastside community!