Selling A Home In East Austin


If you are looking at selling a property in East Austin, please consider working with real estate agents that have the experience and knowledge of the East Austin community to maximize your gain. We are true East Austin experts! We work and own property on the eastside and believe our in-depth knowledge of the area is essential to keeping up with such a diverse & fluid market.

We're also not big box! We are purposely a small group of agents in order to provide the highest quality service to each of our clients. You will never be just a number with us, you will be a valued client that has our full attention & support!

We believe it’s critical for you to be assured that the real estate agent you decide to work with has the experience, knowledge, & dedication to maximize your benefit and be the trusted adviser you deserve.

We offer a thorough listing service for your home which includes:

  • Detailed market research & analysis based on the most up to date MLS market data, and a thorough understanding of the community. Extensive knowledge of East Austin market trends.
  • Detailed consultation on how to prepare your home for sale. Advice on any home improvements or repairs that could maximize the return on your investment. Recommendations and help contacting any contractors or vendors needed.
  • Professional photo shoot to show off your home at no cost to you.  Beautiful photos for you to remember your home by!
  • High-quality virtual tour that allows your home to be available 24/7 to shopping buyers no matter where they are in the world.
  • Thorough MLS listing that is appealing and full of useful information for potential buyers.
  • Exclusive featured listing on, showing off your home to buyers interested in living exclusively in East Austin!
  • Maximum national & area wide website exposure on all the major real estate websites.
  • Feedback from showing agents and buyers to make sure we are on the right track.
  • An agent that’s always available for you, or potential buyers & other agents that contact us with questions or requests for showings.
  • Strong negotiators! We know how best to negotiate in your favor, with experience shaped from 100’s of transactions. Our clients have continually been impressed with our ability to get the highest price possible with terms in their favor.
  • Complete attention to contract details & deadlines. We will be on top of the various deadlines in the contract and guide you through the entire process. You will have a knowledgeable & trustworthy guide through the whole contract period.
  • Availability after closing. This is important!  We will be around for you when you need us. We want to be your real estate advisers for life, so we will always be available if you have questions or concerns whenever you need.

The guiding principle of our firm is that being honest & trustworthy advisers to our clients is our most important duty as real estate agents (this is not always the case in this industry unfortunately). We will always provide honest information, always shoot our clients straight, and always advocate for the best possible deal for our clients. Know that you can trust us to give you the straight facts, tell you our honest opinion, and work hard to make it happen!

Interested In Receiving A Free Comparative Market Analysis For Your Home Or Property?

Try our property valuation tool below! It's a great way to get a broad range estimate of the value of your property instantly! (This tool uses public record sales data provided by a third party source).

The best way to get the most accurate market value for your property is using the MLS data that is available to realtors & appraisers. We are happy to provide you with a free market analysis based on a detailed analysis of up to date MLS data and market trends in your neighborhood. We can also provide you with advice on any home improvements or repairs that could maximize your return when you decide to sell. We’re here when you’re ready to get started!